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Ask anything/Comment on anything   Submit   A tumblr appreciation blog for the actor Benjamin Langer Bass (b. Aug 14, 1968) and his character Sam Swarek from Rookie Blue. Focusing on his gorgeous FACE--eyebrows, dark hair & eyes, profile and all--and his awesome emoting and acting! And Ben's intelligence, sweetness, and general dorkiness that is so very endearing! We love him so. <3

'Rookie Blue' Season 5b/6 (the back 11 episodes) have finished filming in Toronto as of October 1st and will air in 2015 on Global & ABC. S1-S4 dvds are available for purchase. Ben is also working on producing an off-Broadway "modern adaptation on Hamlet" play in NYC in late 2015 with his wife.

This is a fan page from a fan and no copyright infringement is intended nor do I make any money from this. Who am I you ask? My personal blog:

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fun facts: Ben is not a vegetarian (his imdb lies), he has been married to actress Laura Carswell since 2011, he was born in Baltimore to American parents and moved to Vancouver at the age of 7, he's lived in many cities, his zodiac sign is a Leo, he can speak French, his heritage is German, English, Hungarian, Russian, Norwegian, & Scots-Irish (yay for mutts!), he's 5'10"-5'11", he's on twitter (as of May 2012): @BenBassOfficial and also has a FB page

Rookie Blue 1.01 
Undercover Sam Swarek

Rookie Blue 1.01 

Undercover Sam Swarek

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